Board Members

MR. Gilles Lahaie


M. Gilles Lahaie

A Champlain Township resident, Mr. Lahaie is an engineer by profession. Previously Director at Amoco Fabric and Fibers, he’s currently CEO of ArcelorMittal, division of Côteau-du-Lac, a subsidiary of one of the largest steelworks in the world.

His knowledge of organizational management, financial management and business strategies are an asset for Groupe Convex. He also serves on the board of directors of the Prescott-Russell Community Development Corporation and has worked as a consultant in several committees in economic development. He recognizes the importance of having a job for the advancement of the people who work in any of Groupe Convex's social enterprises.

Mrs. France Parthenais


Mrs. Johanne Sicotte

Mrs. Parthenais lives in Prescott-Russell and has been working at Valoris since 2006, starting as Chief Accountant and since January 2016, has become Director of Finance.  Before being employed at Valoris, she was a Senior Auditor at Deloitte in Hawkesbury where she acquired skills in the area of non-profit organizations.  She also serves on the Board of Directors of Valoris as a member of the executive team.

Mr. Normand Charette


Mr. Normand Charette

Retired since 2010, Mr. Charette has worked for many years with people with employment-related challenges. Formerly a Residential Supervisor at the Association for Community Integration of Prescott-Russell and Project Manager at Valoris, he's happy with the current situation of Groupe Convex.

We've come a long way in ten years; it's quite an achievement! To see the evolution of services offered to people who face challenges and the opportunities that are now available to them is really motivating. Convex has given a voice to these people and improved their living conditions.

Mr. Normand Charette

A founding member of Groupe Convex, his goal is to always target the organization's mission: to create meaningful jobs for people who face employment challenges.

Mr. Raymond Parisien


MR. Justin Bromberg


Mr. Éric Gélineau

Mr. Justin Bromberg was born and raised in Montreal, but is proud to live in the Prescott and Russell region and represent it for nearly a decade. He works at the United Counties of Prescott and Russell since 2012, and currently serves as Chief of Staff and Communications Manager. Mr. Bromberg enjoys being actively involved in the governance of an organization and contributing his knowledge and values to his community.

M. Marc Boucher


M. Marc Boucher

Mr. Boucher is a Partner in the Hawkesbury Firm Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton having more than 20 years of experience in the planning, supervision and performance of assurance assignments in the government, NFPO and SME sectors.  Marc joined Groupe Convex’s Board of Directors in October 2014 considering a way to get involved in his community.

M. Sylvain Charlebois


Native of St-Bernardin, Mr. Charlebois obtained his bachelor's degree in commerce with a specialization in accounting sciences from the University of Ottawa. Retired since September 2019, he was Director of Finance, Payroll and Purchasing at the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario. He also sits on the Board of Directors of Les Caisses Desjardins de l'Ontario following the merger of all 11 Caisses Populaires de l'Ontario since January 2020. He sat on the Board of Directors for La Caisse Populaire de Hawkesbury for more than 20 years and was Chairman of the Board of Directors and of the Audit Committee. Also a member of the Board of Directors of the Prescott-Russell Community Development Corporation for over 22 years, he the positions of Vice-President and President. Member of the Optimist club of St-Bernardin and the Richelieu club of Hawkesbury. It is important to Mr. Charlebois to get involved and give back to his community.

M. Guillaume Racine


Guillaume Racine is from Casselman. He has been with the CSDCEO since 1996. He began as a special education teacher in Limoges. He spent the next four years as a reading consultant. After a year as assistant principal in Saint-Albert and Crysler, he was appointed as principal in the communities of Plantagenet, Embrun and Casselman.

Mr. Racine has been active in different ways in the school communities and in his hometown. He was always involved in the different services provided to children in need. For the past several years, he has served on different committees, namely in connection with school leadership and children with special needs.

Working closely with several Valoris school workers awakened his interest in serving on the Board of Directors as a way of bringing his expertise to the table and contributing to an organization that is highly regarded in the Prescott-Russell area.

In memory of Mr. Daniel Gigault

Volunteer 2004-2014

Mr. Daniel Gigault

A retired manager, Mr. Gigault had a career in the credit sector and worked in four Canadian provinces: New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Québec and Ontario. During his 20 years as CEO of the Prescott-Russell Community Development Corporation, he witnessed the birth of the first social enterprise of Groupe Convex, The Harvesters. Already familiar with the concept to have experienced it in Quebec, he also supported the development of the following social enterprises of the group. Through his role in economic development, he also contributed to the establishment of several businesses in the region. He was well aware of the economic and social environment as well as the strengths of Prescott-Russell.

Groupe Convex is a concept that offers so many benefits for everyone. First, for the people facing challenges who can now learn and develop through work, rather than stay at home due to a lack of opportunities. Then, to the community by the services offered.

M. Daniel Gigault

A founding member of Groupe Convex, he firmly believed in the recognition of people through skills development and in the mission of the organization.

A tribute to Daniel Gigault