Who we are

Groupe Convex is a non-profit organization. Our corporation, established in 2004, incubates and manages social enterprises, namely real businesses that have a social mission. We employ staff with different skills that occupy a variety of positions. Groupe Convex can boast to its credit a network of prestigious clients who do business with our companies not only for the noble cause that they defend, but primarily because they offer quality products and services.

Our Mission

Create opportunities for inclusive community economic development. 

Our Vision

A people centered economy at the heart of a committed community. 

Our Values

Valorization, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Co-Creation, Leadership. 

Our Pillars

Skills development and mentoring, Social enterprises network, Workforce evolution, Incubation and support to social entrepreneurship.

Building a more cohesive local economy

Convex believes that as a society, we must reinvent how we deliver the necessary support to create strong and inclusive communities. Convex may, jointly with its partners, guide entrepreneurship forces to solve social problems.

Our social enterprises offer immediate hope for people of Prescott-Russell and are an indication of the potential for long term prosperity, by combining business and social for a citizen cause. Because of innovative business projects which responds to the market’s needs, Groupe Convex contributes to the community economic development. And thus, Convex’s companies are part of the economic engine of our region.

A social enterprise pioneer in the region

Groupe Convex is often asked to share its expertise in order to inspire and assist other communities who want to create wealth, wealth that is measured far beyond the dollar sign.

  • Groupe Convex, through its approach towards economic development, builds on the following actions:
  • A continuous and progressive development of companies and business projects that are integrated and aligned within the business world;
  • The carrying on of operations or acquiring existing businesses to turn them into social enterprises;
  • Products and services that meet community needs;
  • Encouraging local consuming and business partnerships in the local area;
  • Strengthening the network’s capacity in its contribution on social economy.

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