Word from the President

Convex Group is a small organization that does great things! In the sense that the social impacts that result from having people of different abilities working, are large and numerous and have a scope that goes far beyond a job and a salary!

Studies conducted in recent years, which are accessible from our website, clearly show that our social enterprises and our projects have a favorable impact on the health of our employees, of other citizens, on their personal situation in general as well as on the economy of their community.

Our network is recognized both provincially and nationally as an organization that stands out in terms of social innovation and collective excellence. Our approach to creating partnerships has inspired other organizations to replicate our model. We have adjusted in order to develop innovative initiatives and projects with the goal of promoting an economic development centered on the citizen and the community.

We rely on a leadership and governance of very high caliber through people who are involved, informed and dedicated to the socio-economic cause promoted by our organization.

At the dawn of our 15 years of existence, we are reviewing our strategic plan to pursue our work and direct our efforts in order to increase our propensity to generate even more positive impacts. We invite the community to share their ideas and their expertise with us, so that together we can focus on an inclusive, dynamic and transformative economic and community development, for the better!

Gilles Lahaie

Can we innovate to better value people? Certainly, it’s the driver of development of each social enterprise at Groupe Convex. Our fields of activity are chosen based on the ability to create meaningful long-term jobs and to succeed as a business project.

It is with great pride that our employees serve customers in our restaurants, package products, clean and do housekeeping and painting work, manufacture and restore furniture, recycle and harvest fruits and vegetables. We are proud of the excellent products they manufacture and the services they deliver.

Groupe Convex can count on the support of many partners and loyal customers in its business development and operations. Over the years, we have established winning strategic alliances that benefit all: our employees, their families and consumers.

Thank you for supporting Groupe Convex, a leader in social economy and community economic development.