Workers' Committee

Comite de travailleursVéronique Descôtes, Sandy Arcand, Kim Brisson, Manon Leduc, Marie-Claire Éthier, Tammy Quann, Luc Faubert, Sébastien Labre et Joshua LapenséeWe work in one or the other of the social enterprises under the umbrella of Groupe Convex, which gave us the opportunity to have a job that we love.

We became more competent to complete the tasks assigned to us and we have a responsibility to all our coworkers.

As committee members, we meet the management four times a year to discuss the development of the enterprises that employ us, as well as the ongoing projects at Groupe Convex. Our jobs sometimes present risk factors; therefore, we are regularly trained in health and safety at work.

We maintain good relationships with our managers and we enjoy our work, day after day. For us, it is important. And we understand the meaning of Convex, as we feel ourselves grow through this work experience.

We would be happy to meet you if you came for a tour of the social enterprises of Groupe Convex.

Looking forward to meeting you!