Located in Hawkesbury, Recycle-Action is a leader in recycling and recovery in Eastern Ontario. As its name suggests, Recycle-Action acts to protect the environment. Its mandate is to help communities of Prescott-Russell to manage their recyclable material.

Recycle-Action is a depot and sorting center of recyclable materials, including content from blue box programs. It handles paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, white styrofoam, ferrous metals and aluminum. Recycle-Action also provides related services such as the destruction of confidential documents and the rental of containers to businesses and industries. As well, Recycle-Action is a collection site recognized by Ontario Electronic Stewardship.

Recycle-Action serves a wide range of customers: small and large businesses, schools, hospitals, medical clinics and homes for the elderly, accounting and law firms, manufacturing and processing plants, restaurants, furniture stores, citizens and municipalities of Prescott-Russell. Recycle-Action also offers custom collection services, for example, the replacement of old computers in a school or a hotel, metal recovery on a construction site or cardboard recovery after a move.

We employ over 25 people of the Prescott-Russell community who face important obstacles to access a stable employment.

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