entete antique hawkesbury

Who are we?

Antiques Hawkesbury is a specialist in the restoration and repair of antique furniture and other wooden antique items. Our workshop is located in Hawkesbury, 45 minutes from Montréal and 60 minutes from Ottawa. We offer our services to antique dealers and individuals across Ontario and Québec.

We will bring out the beauty of your old furniture and antiques, while preserving the traces and clues of the past by choosing wisely the colors and finishes. Our employees know how to strip your Victorian style mouldings, add an ornament to your Rococo era furniture just as well as restore a Gothic style door.

We are proud to have embellished churches, restored the consoles of sewing machines, grand pianos and gramophones, showcased ancestral circular stairs and stained glass frames, amongst others.

Your antique furniture is priceless. For your restoration projects, entrust us to protect and enhance the value of your treasures.

Our motto

Quality and attention to details are the key to our success.


Quotes from satisfied customers

''Nous avons fait refinir notre ameublement de salle à diner en chêne qui date des années 80. Nous voulions l'agencer à notre nouveau décor, le Groupe Convex a fait un travail remarquable. Nous les recommandons fortement à ceux et celles qui désirent redonner une nouvelle vie à leurs meubles.

- Client d'Antiques Hawkesbury

'''The care taken and the devotion given by you and your workers in the restoration of our cupboards was amazing. I would highly recommend your company to anyone.''

- Lorette Michaud
Cliente d'Antiques Hawkesbury

'''Antiques Hawkesbury, sanctuaire où les meubles fatigués renaissent sous les mains soignantes de ses artisans. L'amour du bois et du travail bien fait en est la recette magique. Jacky et son équipe sont un des secret trop bien gardés de Hawkesbury. Les rencontrer, c'est les adopter.''

- La Gantoise Inc.