entete menuiserie casselman

Our products and services

Manufacturing of wooden garden furniture

  • Muskoka and Adirondack style chairs made of premium Western Red Cedar
  • Love seats, retractable chairs and folding benches
  • Picnic tables, ottomans, laths
  • Finish: water based stain red cedar color, other finishes available upon request
  • The chairs are individually packed, ready to assemble

pdfDownload our furniture catalogues.

Transformation of ornamental wooden products

  • Different styles of gingerbread
  • We accept subcontracts from manufacturers of cabinet doors, mouldings, pallets, etc.

Design and manufacturing of various wooden products

  • Wood crates and pallets for packaging and transportation, certified for exportation
  • Surveyor wooden stakes
  • Cabinet doors,  side tables, stools, etc.
  • Other items on request

Custom development

  • Notice to retailers: our wood specialists can help you innovate and develop new products according to your specifications and your customers’ requirements.

Inventory management

  • We offer "just in time " shipping to help you manage your inventory.
  • Buy in large quantities, but let us store your goods until the exact moment you need them.