entete harvesters

Our products and services

Sowing and planting

  • Manual work or using customer’s machinery or motorized equipment
  • Seedlings transplant into the ground

Weeding, hoeing and pruning

  • Weed pulling and soil aeration for better crop yields
  • Pruning of vines and fruit trees

Picking and harvest

  • Crew specialized in hay season work
  • Picking of berries, apples, grapes and vegetables

Vegetable production

Animal care and milking

  • Feeding of farm animals
  • Cleaning of pens and stalls
  • Clipping and shearing of cows, sheep and horses
  • Milking of cows and goats

Wood cutting

  • Chain saw cutting and splitting of firewood by certified operators
  • Undergrowth cleaning
  • Transportation and wood cording