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Who we are

Who we are

Located in Hawkesbury, Recycle- Action is a leader in recycling and recovery in Eastern Ontario. As its name suggests, Recycle- Action acts to protect the environment. Its mandate is to help communities of Prescott- Russell to manage their recyclable material.

Recycle- Action is a depot and sorting centre of recyclable materials, including content from blue box programs. It handles paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, white styrofoam, ferrous metals and aluminum. Recycle- Action also provides related services such as the destruction of confidential documents and the rental of containers to businesses and industries. As well, Recycle- Action is a collection site recognized by Ontario Electronic Stewardship.

Recycle- Action serves a wide range of customers: small and large businesses, schools, hospitals, medical clinics and homes for the elderly, accounting and law firms, manufacturing and processing plants, restaurants, furniture stores, citizens and municipalities of Prescott- Russell. Recycle-Action also offers custom collection services, for example, in case of the replacement of old computers in a school or a hotel, metal recovery on a construction site or cardboard recovery after a move.

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Quotes from satisfied customers

''Foam Geometrix has been using the services of Recycle Action to recycle our scrap EPS (foam) for approximately three years.  They provide a timely and courteous LOCAL service that turns material that may otherwise end up in a landfill into a marketable product.  Truly a win-win solution for everyone.''

- Keith Chisholm
Foam Geometrix Inc.

''Nous sommes fiers d’être un partenaire de Recycle Action. Nous croyons fermement que le recyclage est une responsabilité commune. Grâce aux services efficaces et courtois qu’ils offrent il est possible pour nous, de participer a une cause essentielle! Nous sommes un client satisfait depuis les débuts de Recycle Action et nous sommes fiers de l’être!''

- Hélène Parisien
Chabo Design Inc.

 ''Recycle action has great people, service and are quick to reply and help. I would recommend there services to anyone that needs them.''

 - Keith Morris
Beau's All Natural Brewing Inc.