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Word from the Director of Operations

''The 2017-2018 year of operation (up to March 31, 2018) was excellent for Recycle-Action. We showed an operations surplus of a little over $43,000. This is due to our product sales (cardboard, paper, plastics) on the market during a good period, at the start of the fiscal year.

During this financial exercise, we invested to improve our equipment and we secured new commercial clients. Recycle-Action also installed more containers in many businesses. Our coverage area now extends to Rockland. We also had to adjust on numerous occasions, as per the current market. We fared rather well.

I could also mention that our collection volume of agricultural plastics has doubled between the first year of the program and now. I wish to thank the Council at the United Counties of Prescott and Russell for its financial contribution to the project. Meanwhile, we diligently worked with farmers to inform them of this service. Our region’s municipalities were also made aware of our service offering thanks to this extensive campaign. We also increased our activities having to do with collection and destruction of confidential documents. This segment of our enterprise allows us to increase our volume of white paper, which proves lucrative, in our case.

This daily awareness, collection and materials processing work would not be possible without our employees’ constant involvement and dedication. We make up a good team and I am very grateful to them. Thanks are also in order for our numerous clients, partners and members of our Board.

Thanks to you, the environment is doing a little better in Prescott and Russell.''

- Robert Lessard