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Destruction and shredding of confidential documents

All organizations collect sensitive data from their customers, employees and members. They are responsible for the protection of the information and its safe and respectful disposal when expired.

Recycle-Action provides containers for the collection of confidential documents. We shred and destroy paper documents in accordance with the highest standards of confidentiality and we provide our clients with certificates of destruction. All shredded paper is then recycled to produce new pulp. Our mobile shredding service is offered in Prescott- Russell. The public can also leave boxes of paper to be destroyed at our premises.

Who is the destruction of confidential documents services for?

  • All companies, organizations and individuals concerned about security, privacy, reputation and compliance with the personal information protection laws:
    • Municipalities, hospitals, schools;
    • Professional service providers (doctors, accountants, lawyers, etc.);
    • Individuals.

Types of shredding and destruction contracts

  • Scheduled annual and monthly contracts or occasional contracts
  • Paper shredding in our mobile unit at the client’s location or in our plant
  • Collection of papers and documents at the client’s office and subsequent destruction in our plant