Support to Social Enterprises

Support to Social Enterprises


  • 30 Social enterprises’ will evolve toward sustainability
  • 30 grants of $15 000 will be provided
  • 30 loans of $15 000 will be negociated 
  • Apart from the 30 social entrepreneurs benefiting from this program, 20 new jobs will be created
  • 16 social businesses will grow their margin of profits by 5% in the second year;
  • 37 financing officers will be trained on how to serve disabled social entrepreneurs


  • Build Community Capacity
  • Stimulates local economy
  • Leveraging funds from other non-governmental sources
  • Counter unemployment phenomenon among disabled groups
  • Increase the empowerment of Francophone populations
  • Procurement policies favouring social and local purchasing
  • Local job creation
  • Poverty reduction
  • Alternative to pure capitalism
  • Respond to local business needs
  • Providing target population with opportunities to live productive and rewarding lives

To reach Suzanne Hocquard, Social Enterprise Development Agent, call 613-676-0569 or email