About us

Established in 2004, Groupe Convex is a non-profit organization that manages social enterprise networks and adheres to a social mission.

We offer employment and skill development opportunities to people living with a disability empowering our social companies to offer quality products and services.

Our Mission

Creating opportunities for an inclusive economic development in the community.

Our Vision

A people centered economy at the heart of a committed community.

Our Vision

Groupe Convex is often asked to share its expertise to inspire and assist other communities who want to create wealth that is measured far beyond the dollar sign.

With a social entrepreneurship in mind, Groupe Convex builds on the following actions:

A word from the Executive Director


Since I have been at the helm of Groupe Convex, I have aspired to grow my organization to be an economic engine, an employer of choice and a social force.

I want Groupe Convex to be an economic engine through its business projects that meet the needs of the market and our communities. I hope that all entities that make up Group Convex are efficient and relevant in the market. We contribute not only to the economic development but also to the community development in the region.

I want the Group Convex to be an employer of choice. By combining business and social issues, we offer our employees the opportunity to develop skills that are in demand in the job market so that they fully integrate into their community. While working at Groupe Convex, I want everyone to feel valued and appreciated, to feel like part of a big family.

I want Groupe Convex to be a social force. By actively promoting inclusive workplaces for all and demonstrating the full potential of our employees, we aim to shift the mindset towards a community where everyone can play an important and valued role.

At Groupe Convex we achieve the socio-professional integration of people living with disabilities by managing our companies and developing business partnerships. We promote the development of employability and offer permanent, stable, and quality jobs to nearly 170 people.

Simon Durand, MBA

Our Team


Simon Durand

General Director

stephanie belanger

Stéphanie Bélanger

Director of Administration


Stéphanie Sabourin

Human resources and employment counselor

Sophie Adjointe Administrative

Sophie Deslauriers

Administrative assistant

Cassandra Poulin

Cassandra Poulin

Accounting clerk


Roxanne Courcy

Manager of business development, Express-Net and Prescott-Russell Packaging

Chantal Lavigne

Manager, The Harvesters

Sylvain Blanchette

Manager,  Cayen Laundry


Denis Prevost

Manager, Casselman Woodshop

Robert Lessard

Director of Operations, Recycle-Action

Jocelyne Lamarche

Manager, Le Plateau Café
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