Employment Support

Having a job is an important part of a meaningful life.
It is a path to independence and a way to contribute to our community.

At Groupe Convex, we believe in the infinite potential of each person. For us, it is essential that everyone can play an active role in the labor market, including people who live with disabilities or who are experiencing employment integration challenges. By offering them employment opportunities rich in skills development and work experience, Groupe Convex ensures that their talents are put to good use, and that these individuals find fulfillment in an accessible and equitable environment, thus providing a rewarding experience.

Our employment support service includes two service components: for employees and for employers.


Are you looking for a job in an inclusive environment, experiencing employment barriers, or looking to find and maintain a job? Groupe Convex is there for you, with an employment support service.

Our services include :
  • Initial meeting to complete your profile and start the skills
  • Adapted and secure environment
  • Competitive salary
  • Skills development
  • Health and safety training
  • Available transportation


Our support team and employment integration services are available to meet your labor needs. Whether it’s for a specific contract or to fill a temporary position, we have the perfect candidate or team to meet your needs.

We lend you our employees for your business needs! A turn-key solution that allows you to remain efficient while being able to rely on qualified employees.

By using our services, your company will be able to positions itself as a social player in the community providing equitable employment opportunities in our region and demonstrate the importance of fostering inclusion and diversity, while becoming a model for other companies.


  • Meeting with the employer to learn about services and needs.
  • Pre-selection of candidates and/or the perfect team to meet your needs.
  • Interview advice.


  • Payroll management, withholding tax deduction, CSPAAT
  • Termination of employment, T4
  • Possibility of eligibility for financial assistance program
  • Health and safety training for candidates
  • Short or long-term agreement


  • Regular follow-ups with the employer
  • On-the-job support for the employee
  • Coaching

Inclusive employers report that, for the most part, an employee living with a developmental disability is an employee:

  • Who shows great motivation
  • Who is reliable, diligent, punctual and loyal to their employer
  • Who has an interest in repetitive tasks
  • Who has the skill to do routine work and follows directions
  • Who is always seeking to do a quality work
  • Who demonstrates a good team spirit

FAQ – True or False

False : A person living with a developmental disability is no more at risk on the job than his or her colleagues.

The person living with a developmental disability should be compensated at the same rate as employees in the same position.

No, it does not incur any additional exceptional costs. On the contrary, we believe that hiring a person living with a disability diversifies your team and fosters a culture of inclusions and diversity, which in turn is profitable

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